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Will Russell, owner and operator of Xclusive Autoworks Inc., founded the company with one goal in mind: To improve Long Island’s perception of professional detailing.  Through extensive training and product testing he learned what products are safe and what techniques are effective.  Many detailers will work; develop their habits and then stick with them for years even when they may be considered wrong or inefficient. They follow the same routine when they detail without learning or adapting to new situations. At Xclusive Autoworks I understand that every car is different, every paint type is different.  I understand that fabrics and manufacturing techniques vary among companies and that every client has their own unique set of needs and desires.  I take pride in providing a personalized experience for every client, every time.

No other detailer provides a guarantee or warranty on their work.  Xclusive Autoworks provides both!  As a certified installer of Car Pro’s C.Quartz Finest, I am held at a higher standard than other local detailers. We are required to provide perfection that is consistent and honest to our clients. Finest installers do not just apply to the company and get the product, they are requested to join an elite group of detailers that consist of the top 1% of 1% of detailers nationwide.

“Customer service is my number one priority and is provided every single day with every single detail.  No client is ever left unsatisfied.  I consider each detailing service I provide to be a work of art. It’s something I create with my hands and I take pride in that art.  I hold myself to the highest standards and I will work until I see no flaw.  I guarantee you will be ecstatic after every job.”-Will Russell, Owner-Operator

Xclusive Autoworks Inc. is licensed and insured and is a proud member of the International Detailing Association (IDA).  I am one of the few select detailers certified to install CQuartz Finest. I am available at all hours of the day and can be found on Google+, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Also, watch my YouTube channel.


Meet the Team

Will Russell
Professional detailer and owner-operator of Xclusive Autoworks Inc.

  • Certified in CarPro CQuartz Finest
  • Accredited installer CarPro CQuartz Professional
  • Certified in Optimum Opti-Coat Pro
  • SunTek Ultra PPF Installer
  • Writer and Author at ItsBetterWaxed.com
  • Member of the International Detailing Association

Kyle Aluisa

  • Customer Service / Shop coordinator