The most exclusive ceramic coating on the market

Setting the standard  in pro ceramic coatings since 2007!

CarPro CQuartz Finest is not your average paint coating offering much more than the competition.  With a contact angle of 115°, water will bead up like a ball and roll off the surface with little to no effort.  CQuartz Finest is always applied in a minimum properly layered 2 coats creating a ceramic layer as thick as 3µm which is 100x the thickness of your ordinary car wax.  Finest is a modern take of ceramic based paint coatings offering better protection that the competition against dirt, brake dust, bird droppings, tar, and other contaminants.  Unlike other pro ceramic coatings, Finest is not a cheap Chinese knock off and was one of the first to the market in 2007 setting the industry standards for imitations to come.  CQuartz Finest is a coating that you’ll be proud to show off.  As a true professional detailer and a CQuartz Finest installer for Long Island, Xclusive Autoworks can provide you with the absolute best, every time.

Features of CQuartz Finest

  • Extreme gloss with an average thickness of 3µm
  • Excellent hardness with a 2mh hardness increase
  • Super hydrophobic with twice the contact angle of any wax at 115° degrees
  • Self cleaning effect means easier maintenance and less work for you
  • Heat resistance upwards of 1000° F
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty with honest and understandable terms


Xclusive Autoworks applying Cquartz Finest


CQuartz Finest is known within the detailing community as the absolute richest and deepest gloss coating on the market.  The depth of gloss is not only attributed to the thickness of this ceramic coating but to the countless hours invested in paint correction by only the best detailers.  Proper and true paint correction is a craft only to be associated with the finest detailers.  If you’re getting CQuartz Finest installed, you can be positive it is being installed by a professional.  Other coatings on the market are being sold to amateurs who can easily and permanently destroy the finish of your car.  By being a CQuartz Finest detailer, Xclusive Autoworks can guarantee you will be getting the absolute best detailing service and true paint correction prior to your installation.

z06 CQuartz Finest Xclusive Autoworks
Brand new z06 getting prepared for CQuartz Finest Ceramic Coating


Traditional waxes and sealants offer you little no swirl resistance being nearly 100x more thin than any paint coating.  Anytime you are in contact with the surface of your paint there is a risk for scratching and swirling.  CQuartz Finest has been proven to resist fine swirls when properly maintained.  This is the key to keeping the luster and gloss of your vehicle after coating.  CQuartz Finest offers the best protection on the market but NO COATING is ever fully scratch resistant and many market coatings to be as hard as diamonds.  This is not exactly true and we recommend proceeding with caution of an installer sells a coating to be totally scratch proof.












With a contact angle twice that of any wax, CQuartz Finest will resist the bonding of water to the surface and create extremely round and noticeable beading.  This also lends itself to how easy the coating is to maintain.  Water will quite literally roll of the surface and through gentle rinsing, you can actually rinse your car dry utilizing gravity and the contact angle of the coating.

Hellcat wearing CQuartz Finest
Hellcat Charger after CQuartz Finest Ceramic Coating


Dirt, dust, bird droppings, iron deposits, environmental contamination, and bugs are no match for the dirt resistant properties of CQuartz Finest.  CQuartz Finest stays cleaner than any other coating offered. By maintaining a perfectly clean and swirl free finish, you will retain and even increase the value of your vehicle.  In the years of having CQuartz Finest protecting your vehicle, you will be spending less on detailing, less of waxing, and saving more in your pocket.

Huracan CQuartz Finest New York
The glossiest Lamborghini Huracan with CQuartz Finest


While other dishonest warranty programs claim lifetime but secretly require constant reapplication, CQuartz Finest offers an honest and simple 2 year program.  A lot can happen in 2 years. If you wash your car as you should, weekly, and wax monthly, that’s at least 52 hand washes, 24 applications of wax, 100+ hours of labor, and hundreds of dollars. With CQuartz Finest, you will be washing less and never waxing.  Basic maintenance is cut in half and the time it takes from start to finish is minutes, not hours.  CQuartz Finest promises to not fail or diminish in this time period and will ensure you have easy maintenance and ridiculous gloss for all 104 weeks, 730 days, and 17,520 hours.

Don’t Wait For Irreversible Damage

It is with great pride to say that Xclusive Autoworks Inc. is a Certified CQuartz Finest installer for Long Island and can be contacted anytime at (516) 965-7289.  

As with all paint coating installations, full paint correction details are required and recommended.

Feel free to stop by my dedicated detailing studio for a consultation at 20 Brooklyn Avenue Unit B, Massapequa, NY. Xclusive Autoworks works strictly by appointment only, please call ahead.



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