CQuartz Professional Ceramic Coating

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What is CQuartz Pro Ceramic Coating?

Using the knowledge and technology from CQuartz Finest Ceramic Coating, CarPro developed CQuartz Professional as a solution to customers wanted a durable yet affordable ceramic coating.  Over the past decade, CQuartz has earned the reputation of being a leader in the industry in both their product support and quality standards.  The unique formula in CQuartz Pro is a hybrid between fluorocarbon composite (think of it as an acrylic) and SiO2 nano particles (think glass or silica).  This creates a rich luster and finish that has a strong gloss and high level of hydrophobics.

With it’s strong molecular structure, this ceramic coating will bond to the surface of your vehicle protecting from the most common wear and tear you see on modern vehicles. The finish helps reject contamination, staining and dirt.

Dodge Demon with CQuartz pro ceramic coating

What does this mean for me?

To simplify the process and without going into extreme detail into the chemistry of ceramics, this makes your car easy to clean and provides a long lasting luster. But if you’d like to discuss the chemistry behind ceramic coatings and polymers, I am absolutely more than happy to go into extreme detail and conversation.

CQuartz Pro ceramic coating can be applied to any exterior surface besides your windshield. For glass, we have a specific coating that helps reduce the likelihood of wiper chatter which is a common side effect of coating glass.  This ceramic coating will ease up your long term maintenance costs and time invested.

CQuartz Pro Ceramic Paint Protection

How long does this coating last?

This is a loaded question as every single situation is unique and different.  The main influencing factors include how you wash your car, what you wash your car with, how often you wash your car, where you store your car, how often you drive your car, etc. etc. etc. Because of these many factors, we can with confidence offer every single installation an honest and easy to understand 2 year guarantee against any failure of the coating. This means at 24 months, your ceramic coating will still be at 100% peak performance, with confidence. From there, we estimate that most people see about 4-5 years before their coating begins to lose its hydrophobic properties.

This does not mean that in 2 years you need another coating. What this means is that your surface will begin to lose it’s glass structure that provides the hydrophobics. And in even more simple terms, your paint beads water less. BUT, there is a solution to continue providing a strong water shedding surface. We recommend that yearly you apply a topper (CarPro Reload or Elixir) to the finish and also decontaminating the paint from any dirt and build up grime. This will help improve your hydrophobics and keep your coating alive for years.

Pro ceramic coating wheel and caliper

Can I protect my wheels with a ceramic coating?

The perfect solution for excessive brake dust build up is a ceramic coating like CQuartz Pro. Wheels and calipers can be coated using this unique formula to provide a strong barrier against build up. This makes cleaning a breeze and dramatically reduces the amount of visual build up. While you still need to clean your wheels and calipers, this will reduce the time invested in cleaning and reduce how often you need to clean your wheels and calipers. This strong hydrophobic barrier also helps provide a strong luster to the finish of your wheels longer and better looking than a sealant or wax.

Example of wheel and caliper ceramic coating