While our detailing studio specializes in paint correction, coatings, and paint protection films. Our mobile detailing unit can come to you and provide the essentials such as delicate and thorough hand washing, interior steam cleaning, and exterior wax and sealing.  Unlike other detailers, our modern mobile detailing unit is completely equipped with it’s own water and electric allowing us to travel anywhere in Long Island, New York.  We offer three very effective packages that can compliment the work performed at our studio. Whether you are one of our paint correction and coating clients seeking swirl free maintenance washes or you’re just sick of the poor work of the local car wash, Xclusive Autoworks has the right mobile detailing package for you.  With our unit being completely self sufficient, we can wash and detail in practically any location including your home or office.

Our mobile detailing packages


Perfect for customers with ceramic coatings, this package is the essential exterior full service wash that doesn’t sacrifice quality.
Recommended interval: Weekly to Bi-Weekly

  • Delicate exterior hand wash
  • Wheel wells degreased
  • Wheel and tire safely degreased
  • Dried with air and paint safe microfiber
  • Exterior surfaces topped with gloss enhancer
  • Exterior glass cleaned streak free
  • Tires dressed with non-slinging waterbased dressing

Silver Package: WASH AND GLOSS

This is your premiere full service detailing package offering a taste of everything.
Recommended interval: Weekly to Bi-Weekly

  • Includes all of the processes in the bronze package
  • Door jambs degreased and shined with gloss enhancer
  • Interior vacuum (pricing may vary depending on soiling and condition)
  • Interior surfaces wiped down and cleaned leaving no oily finish behind
  • Interior glass cleaned streak free
  • Interior odor eliminating scents available


Wash, clay, wax package offering extremely durable protection and quality thanks to ceramic sealants.
Recommended interval: Every 1-6 months

  • Includes all of the processes in the Bronze and Silver Package
  • Exterior paint and glass carefully clayed to a smooth and slick surface
  • Paint sealed with durable ceramic based sealant (Lasts up to 6 months)
  • Glass can be sealed with ceramic sealant for only $15 extra
  • Wheels can be sealed with ceramic sealant to prevent brake dust build up for only $25 more
  • Interior carpets shampooed and cleaned
  • Leather and vinyl surfaces cleaned and conditioned with non-slick water based protectant

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*Estimated pricing may vary due to traveling expenses, interior conditions, exterior conditions, etc.