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Paint Protection Film, Clear Bra, & PPF

Paint Protection Film is a specifically designed urethane film made to protect your car’s thin and sensitive paint against damage. When driving on Long Island, paint protection film can prevent unsightly rock chips, salt and road damage, damage, and minor scratching.  Most modern films like Xpel, SunTek Ultra, and especially STEK DynoShield have a proprietary self-healing top coat that is scratch and crack resistant with a high gloss finish.

Model 3 Clear Bra Review full noseHow is PPF Installed?

Proper preparation is critical to a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing PPF install. All panels have to be completely flawless, dirt, dust, scratch, and chip-free. All of your crevices, corners, edges, and trim have to be thoroughly cleaned multiple times to remove built-up dust and grime. This holds true even for new cars.  With a new car prep at Xclusive Autoworks, even straight off the delivery truck, the preparation time can be upwards of 8 hours. Due to the thickness of some films, some shops choose to skip prep and install as quickly as possible to stay profitable. While clear film can mask some defects, when the time comes to remove the film either for resale or repairs, the damage will be evident. Xclusive Autoworks prides every install and will take whatever time is necessary to make your PPF install perfect.

Seamless camaro full nose clear braSeamless edges

With some of our installations, we do prefer to use pre-cut installation kits, it has become our preference to custom design, shape, and trim our film installs. This allows for the most accurate and precise installation. When PPF is installed by hand, we are rolling the film into every edge that can be tucked. This means it can be nearly seamless with no visible edges. You may never even know the car is wrapped in film.

Custom hand trimmed clear braHow Long Does paint protection film last and what is covered?

Paint protection film lasts years, not months. The film that we chose to use at Xclusive Autoworks was based on the road conditions on Long Island.  With STEK’s self-healing film, DynoSHIELD, you can be guaranteed 10 years of flawless and perfect durability. No yellowing, fading, hazing, or even cracking. We would not choose any other film to put our name and reputation on. STEK’s film has the most optically clear top coat which means more gloss and clarity for you. If you choose to go with other PPF films such as Xpel Ultimate or SunTek Ultra, you can see warranty programs upwards of 10 years as well.

Xpel Ultimate Long Island

If you are interested in further reading about paint protection film from SunTek you can read their Ultra spec sheet. You may also follow this link to learn more about Xpel film.

McLaren 570s paint protection film SunTek XpelNot all film is the same, XPEL, Suntek, & even STEK

When shopping for a clear bra and paint protection film, it’s not always like shopping oranges to oranges. The skill, abilities, and natural talent of every installer is unique. Hand-trimming film is a skill learned with years of experience and with modern films being so new to the industry, it’s rare to find a talented installer. Xclusive Autoworks takes pride in every installation and our team has the years of experience and talent to provide perfection. The images shown below are issues we see with poor hand trimming and terrible seams in areas we would roll, tuck, and trim to a completely clean line.

Brand new Tesla Model 3 wrapped in Suntek Ultra

Paint Protection Differences

Not all paint protection film is made the same and not all installers are all equally trained. We are proud to be both self-taught and factory-certified. With the massive growth of the detailing community and the introduction of new films to the mass market, the industry has seen a massive introduction of amateur installers. This has become a problem in the community because not all installers are as qualified as others leaving some customers in the dust with permanently cut paint, damaged headlights, and yellowing film.

Xpel Ultimate Exclusive

Our films carry a 10-year manufacturer warranty against cracking, fading, and peeling!

Looking to learn more about the types of paint protection film we offer? Read our Frequently Asked Questions or fill out the contact form below with what’s on your mind.

We offer packages to fit all budgets and Paint Protection needs

Partial Nose Paint Protection

  • 1/4 hood
  • 1/4 front fenders
  • Front bumper
  • 10-year warranty

Starting at $1250

Full Nose PPF

Full Nose Paint Protection

  • Hood
  • Front fenders
  • Front bumper
  • Mirrors
  • 10-year warranty

Starting at $2200

Full Car Paint Protection

  • Small Car (Miata, Z4, Smart Car) $5000
  • Standard Car (Model 3/Y, 911, BMW M3) $6000
  • Mid Size and Up (BMW X5, Model X, E63) $7000
  • Fully custom installations available, please call to discuss your options
  • 10-year warranty
Stealth paint protection film on a Hyundai Ioniq5

Stealth / Satin /Matte Paint Protection Film

Interested in a unique finish on your favorite vehicle? Our stealth paint protection film packages provide the same protection as our Gloss Film with a unique finish.

Matte or satin finish paint protection film is just as thick and protective as the high gloss finishes and will add a unique stealth look to your car or truck. Choosing stealth over a gloss finish is an extremely common choice with car enthusiasts who want to add a unique finish to their vehicle without losing the factory color and finish of their vehicle. This film has the same protective qualities, thickness, and performance of a gloss clear bra. Learn more by visiting the link below:

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