What is paint correction?

Not everyone knows what paint correction is. That’s because paint correction is a term used by detailers to describe the process of fixing swirls, scuffs, and scratches. You most likely know this as buffing or polishing.

xclusive auto detailing new yorkEVERYONE SUFFERS FROM SWIRLS

Look closely at your car under the sun or under a street lamp. Do you see scratches and swirls? Do they make your car look dull, old, and unprofessional? 99% of the cars on the road suffer from swirls. Out of that 99%, many will eventually get to the point of no return and no longer be able to be repaired.


Swirls are actually fine thin scratches all over the paint that reflect back with light. They make cars look dull by diffusing the light and dulling the reflections. Swirls are caused by dirt or other contaminants rubbing against the paint. Low quality towels, dirty towels, and dirty wash sponges can cause very serious swirling. Automated car washes are at the top of the list for causing swirls. Their goal is speed and efficiency. Not quality and effectiveness. How many times have you seen dozens of cars waiting on line for the automated wash. How many cars is that in a year? 100’s? 1000’s? Now think of all of the dirt, rocks, and even road salt stuck on the car heading in before you. That gets all over the automated brushes and towels about to slap themselves up against your car. Then the low grade towels being reused over and over again outside. Now you understand why they are commonly called, “Swirl-O-Matics.”

Paint Correction Long Island


Swirls and damage can be prevented with proper washing and care techniques. Sounds easier said than done. The essential tools to any professional detailer begins with technique. A professional detailer is always alert and cautious with his or her methods. Avoiding contact with the paint as often as possible, gently buffing with towels and not aggressively rubbing. Using clean and new wash mitts, freshly washed high grade microfiber towels, and only top shelf detailing products. With over thousands of hours of correction experience, Xclusive Autoworks Inc. understands what to avoid and how to properly maintain your car.  Xclusive Autoworks stocks a full assortment of professional detailing products for customers to purchase and to use to continually keep their vehicles swirl free.

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This is where a professional can help you. The process of paint correction is time consuming and requires a high level of expertise and knowledge. As you may know, all types of paint are different. All types of cars are different. Some soft, some hard, some thin, and some thick. Each type of paint has a different reaction and a different method of correction.

Swirl free finish from paint correctionHOW DO I SEE SWIRLS?

Lighting also plays a major role in paint correction. With proper lighting, one can see micro-marring or fine scratches that can be hidden under some lighting circumstances. Xclusive Autoworks is equipped with multiple kelvins, lumens, and styles of lighting to expose all defects in the paint. Many detailing shops on Long Island use long running fluorescence lights in their detailing bays. They may think these lights are used for correction, but really are just used to see what you are doing. As shown below, proper paint correction requires very focused lights, specific kelvins, and distances between the light and the surface.

No swirls from Xclusive Autoworks paint correction

Xclusive Autoworks Inc. has successfully corrected and detailed 100’s of cars. With over 14,000 hours of professional paint correction under their belt, they have experienced more than what 1 in 1000 detailers have. Xclusive Autoworks Inc. is a certified detailer for CarPro Cquartz Finest, and an active member of the International Detailing Association.

You can learn more about Will Russell, the professional detailer behind Xclusive Autoworks Inc. here.

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On average you can expect to see new car prep coming in around 4-8 hours of polishing time which is included in our CQuartz Professional and CQuartz Finest Ceramic Coating package prices. For a vehicle that is a few years old with mild neglect we expect 6-20 hours which can range from $250 to $1000+ in costs for paint correction. These are just averages and an actual estimate can be provided in person under the proper lighting conditions.


Paint Correction as defined above is the process of eliminating swirls and scratches through mechanical polishing. This process will remove all visible defects for as long as you maintain the vehicle correctly. Improper washing and automated car washes will greatly improve your chances of scratching the surface again.


Why should your car just be another average, swirled up car on the road? Did you know studies show that a swirl free and properly detailed car is worth over 25% more! That is thousands of dollars in your pocket if you choose to resell. Why wouldn’t you maximize the value of your investment or pride and joy?

You don’t need to suffer like everyone else. Xclusive Autoworks Inc. has the tools and knowledge you help you. Being one of the best detailers on Long Island, Xclusive Autoworks Inc. will always provide the absolute highest standard of service.  Still not sure? Take a look at some of the satisfied clients that got paint correction details by Xclusive Autoworks Inc.!

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