CQuartz Finest/Professional Warranty


We believe in real results and honest protection. CARPRO’s REAL WORLD WARRANTY shows our confidence in our coating products and the skills of our certified detailers. At the same time, all our operations are firmly grounded in science and real world testing, which is why we only promise what can physically be achieved within the quality standards we set for ourselves.


– Gloss retention of coating products
– The quality of service of Finest and Professional detailers

– Performance failures and damage to the products resulting from misuse, noncompliance with warranty conditions or exposure of products to extreme situations and conditions it was not designed for.
– Products, which cannot be verified as sold by authorized distributors of CARPRO or services performed by unauthorized detailers

– If you believe a product/service is faulty, you should first contact the installer and arrange an inspection
– Upon inspection we will determine if warranty conditions apply; if so:
– Under the CARPRO REAL WORLD WARRANTY, all faulty products and/or services shall be replaced without cost

– Coated surfaces cannot be exposed to water for 12-36 hours after application. Any water must be immediately blown or wiped off using a CARPRO drying towel.
– Coated surfaces cannot be chemically cleaned or waxed within 7 days of application
– All insect splatter and bird droppings occurring within 7 days of application should be removed carefully as soon as possible (green or purple bird droppings should be removed immediately!). CARPRO ECHO2 is recommended for this.
– Using automatic car washes is forbidden throughout the duration of this warranty
– Claying is forbidden
– Coated surfaces should be regularly washed with CARPRO products:
– CARPRO Reset – for general washing
– CARPRO IronX – for iron particle removal
– CARPRO Reload – for regenerating the coating’s hydrophobic properties
– CARPRO Merino Wool Wash Mitt – cleaning accessory
– CARPRO DHydrate towel for drying
Failure to maintain your coating and dust/particle buildup may cause the coating to loose its properties and performance over time.


All of the above products are stocked in house at Xclusive Autoworks Inc. and can be picked up the same day as needed. We also offer shipping of products you may desire outside of this line up.

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Stealth Paint Protection Film

Satin/Matte/Stealth finish paint protection

matte clear bra

If you’re in the market to add paint protection to your vehicle but on the edge with getting a vinyl wrap then this is the solution. Matte or satin finish paint protection film is just as thick and protective as the high gloss finishes and will add a unique stealth look to your car or truck.

Satin Matte Tesla Xpel

Choosing stealth over a gloss finish is an extremely common choice with car enthusiasts who want to add a unique finish to their vehicle without losing the factory color and finish of their vehicle. This film has the same protective qualities, thickness, and performance of a gloss clear bra. The installation technique and process is also extremely similar although we prefer to do a more thorough disassembly to provide a seamless look without glossy areas showing through trim. As you can see on this Tesla we removed all the trim to hide the edges of the Stek DynoMATT film.

Satin white Tesla Model Y

Satin film can come in handy when you’re looking to protect factory satin finishes such as a matte finish Mercedes or even matte hoods on a Camaro and Dodge Challenger/Charger. This is the ideal protection for those types of sensitive surfaces.

Dodge Demon with CQuartz pro ceramic coating

If you’re in the market for paint protection film on your vehicle, do not forget to ask about custom finishes such as a Stealth wrap!

How to care for your ceramic coating

How long until my car can get wet?

Whenever we release a vehicle it is fully cured and baked. This means the coating is safe to go outside. We do recommend you wait at least 5 days until exposing the finish to ANY soaps. Water from rain is okay, but no rinsing, washing, or waterless washing. We only recommend removing bugs or bird bombs within this time period.

How long until I can wash after ceramic coating my car?

It is best to wait at least 5 days after pickup before washing your vehicle or exposing it to any soaps. If bugs or bird bombs hit your vehicle, we recommend removing them immediately with a gentle mix of waterless wash (CarPro Echo works great). Always use high grade (minimum of 70/30 blend) microfiber towels and discard after using to remove bugs or bird bombs. Both bird bombs and bugs can etch and cause damage if left on the surface even if only for a few hours.

What is the proper way to wash my ceramic coating?

Follow the two bucket wash method using CarPro Reset as your wash soap. Always rinse thoroughly before washing and after washing. It is required that you always dry the vehicle fully after rinsing. You cannot rinse and leave the vehicle to dry on its own. This will cause irreversible damage from spotting. If you want to clean your vehicle, always commit to a complete two bucket wash and drying. Our personal preference is drying using a cordless leaf blower which will knock off 90% of the water from the surface. Other soaps may contain silicones and waxes that can clog the finish of your vehicle. If we do not have availability for washes and you prefer to wash yourself, visit the CarPro forums at www.carproforum.com to watch how to videos and further support.

Can I wax my car after a ceramic coating or paint protection film install?

We recommend against using any waxes, sealants, or glazes after your installation. The only sealant that can be used on your coated vehicle is either CarPro Echo2, Reload or Elixir. Any other topper may void your warranty and congest/clog your finish. No polish, abrasives, or glazes can be used without risking damage and voiding your warranty. By using these three safe products, we can ensure that your coating or clear bra will last for years to come without issue.

Will a ceramic coating help resist bird bombs and acid rain water etching?

Yes, a ceramic coating will do a good job resisting both water marks and bird droppings. We do highly recommend avoiding sprinkler systems as they contain a high mineral content that will congest and leave marks that may be quite difficult to remove from every surface of your vehicle, coated or not. Bird droppings can etch and eat through clear coat within minutes, so we do recommend using a quick detailer to remove any droppings as soon as possible. Bug splatter is also extremely harmful to your finish and we recommend removing them whenever possible.

Water repellency has faded over time, is something wrong?

Over time, contaminants can build up and affect the coating. The good news is that a good wash with CarPro Reset on a regular basis will help avoid this issue. Also using Iron-X on a regular basis (monthly or bimonthly) can help avoid this issue. Topping your finish with CarPro Reload or Elixir will help revitalize and return the upper hydrophobic layer to its former glory.

Can I use a pressure washer to clean my car?

While a pressure washer is a good option, we recommend proceeding with extreme caution. A pressure washer can inject water into your paint protection film and begin to cause lifting, injected water bubbles and premature failure. Damage caused by a pressure washer is not covered in your warranty. Using caution, a lower pressure washer (1800psi and lower), and using a wide fan tip will help reduce the likelihood of these issues.

Can I, or should I use a car cover?

We recommend against ever using a car cover in most cases. Car covers generally cause damage to corners of the paint and will act as sand paper if the cover and the car isn’t totally clean and dust free. Car covers can and will cause swirling and marring to your finish that is not covered by warranty.

What products do you recommend I use?

• CAR WASH SOAP – CarPro Reset
• SEALANT/TOPPER – CarPro Reload or Elixir
• WHEEL CLEANER – Tuga Devil
• TIRE DRESSING – Meguiar’s Hyper Dressing
• IRON REMOVER – CarPro Iron-X
• MICROFIBER TOWELS – Anything made by Microfiber Madness

Frequently asked questions about paint protection film

The most common questions about paint protection film

How much does paint protection film cost?

“With many factors going into pricing out the cost of paint protection film you can see that shopping around between installers can be very confusing. We understand this and are here to help you through the process of finding the right installer. This article is here for people who are both new and already educated on the process of buying and shopping for clear bra paint protection film. We will begin by outlining the factors that go into pricing and how we adjust our costs according to your specific needs.” Click link above to continue reading article.

What can I wrap in paint protection film?

“You can wrap basically any panel that is painted on the vehicle of your car. This would include the hood, fenders, bumper, quarter panels, roof, headlights, gloss trim, satin trim, interior satin and gloss finished accessories, and anything prone to scratching and swirling. The options are endless. There are also films that can protect while altering the finish like darkening lights, adding shades of color to the finish or even adding a color shift effect to the entire car.”

How long does paint protection film last?

“Paint protection film lasts years. But how long it lasts depends on how well you maintain the finish. Treat it just like delicate paint, clean it gently with proper PH neutral soaps, wax (if coated just maintain) like you would with your regular paint. Most modern films have a warranty upwards of 10 years but we recommend that this effective lifespan is more realistically under that number.”

Can I ceramic coat paint protection film?

“Absolutely you can ceramic coat your paint protection film. A coating like CQuartz Pro ceramic coating will only further improve the gloss and lifespan of the paint protection film. This makes your maintenance, washing, and care much easier. We highly recommend adding a coating on top of your film at the time of installation at your benefit.”


How much does paint protection film cost? What goes into pricing clear bra ppf?

Seamless camaro full nose clear bra

The Cost of Paint Protection Film

With many factors going into pricing out the cost of paint protection film you can see that shopping around between installers can be very confusing. We understand this and are here to help you through the process of finding the right installer. This article is here for people who are both new and already educated on the process of buying and shopping for clear bra paint protection film. We will begin by outlining the factors that go into pricing and how we adjust our costs according to your specific needs.

No seam PPF on a Tesla Trunk

What is the condition of the vehicle?

Same with ceramic coatings, every single install of paint protection begins with paint correction and careful preparation of the surface. You do not want any contamination, dust or dirt on the surface of the car. This is key before installing something that is mostly permanent like clear bra.

It is a common mistake to believe that a brand new vehicle shipped directly from the dealership is in perfect condition. We all think that it should be that way. I agree, in a perfect world, it would be.  But that is not the case with most new cars being delivered. In conclusion, most vehicles will require some degree of paint correction and significant preparation before installing clear bra. This could range from minimal prep $0 to $500 to $800. All depending on the condition of the vehicle.

If you want to learn more about the paint correction process, take a look at our article here.

Custom hand trimmed clear bra

How much coverage do you want?

This is an important part of pricing out your total cost for paint protection film. How many panels do you want covered? Do you want all of the edges hand trimmed and tucked in? Do you want a seamless and custom installation? Or are you simply looking to protect the most vulnerable high impact regions like the front nose, the hood, the lower rocker panels?

Determining how long you plan on keeping the car will help you decide the above questions and help you find out what type of owner you are. So if you’re a neurotic type owner you may be more interested in going with a custom installation covering most major impact regions. This can be much more labor intense than doing a more simplified install using patterns.

And don’t be worried about patterns, modern software these days offer extremely precise patterns. Designs that are years ahead of even 1-3 years ago and because of this you can even achieve clean and tucked edges with pattern cuts now. So you can sleep comfortably knowing your car is protected properly.

hellcat paint protection film costs

How difficult is the vehicle to wrap?

Another thing to consider is how difficult your car is to wrap. This could make a huge difference in the price of your paint protection film install.  A simple flat hood with no vents is much easier to install than a curved hood with multiple close vents. Take for example a Tesla Model 3 hood versus a Dodge Hellcat Redeye Hood as shown above. Those complex curves will take much longer to install with a lot more trimming and time involved.

Along with the difficulty like curves and odd shapes is the way the installation is performed. Some cars need to be custom trimmed to get full coverage and reaching these areas can be very difficult and require us to bring in certified technicians to remove panels for us to get access. This will also be a factor in pricing your specific project. For instance you don’t want any random person taking apart your car. We only use properly trained techs to do any removals and installations.

paint protection cost zr1

Do you want other protection services?

When factoring in the cost of paint protection film alongside ceramic coatings and paint correction. Timing and preparation comes into play.  Combining all three processes will save you money in the long run as they all have some processes in common. Although we do prefer to repeat the washing and cleaning in between paint protection film and paint correction. All of these factors will come into play when choosing what package or combination of packages suit your needs and budget.

Satin Matte Tesla Xpel

Satin (Matte) or High Gloss Finish?

Are you looking to change the finish of your vehicle when adding paint protection? Do you want to go with a unique finish like a Satin or Matte clear bra. If you’re interested in going with the stealth look, this may play a factor in the timeline and pricing of your project. Stealth finishes are extremely common in the Tesla community. Learn more about our unique satin and matte paint protection films here.

Continue learning about the costs of paint protection film

With many brands having long standing reputations such as SunTek, Xpel, 3m Scotchguard Pro, and our personal favorite STEK DynoSHIELD. The options are endless. We recommend you look into these brands and see if their products suit your unique individual needs. There are newer brands popping up on the scene with reputable products that offer fantastic quality and offer unique twists on paint protection film such as STEK’s color shifting DynoPrism film. For more information, specifically tailored to your needs, please Contact Us.

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