How to care for your ceramic coating

How long until my car can get wet?

Whenever we release a vehicle it is fully cured and baked. This means the coating is safe to go outside. We do recommend you wait at least 5 days until exposing the finish to ANY soaps. Water from rain is okay, but no rinsing, washing, or waterless washing. We only recommend removing bugs or bird bombs within this time period.

How long until I can wash after ceramic coating my car?

It is best to wait at least 5 days after pickup before washing your vehicle or exposing it to any soaps. If bugs or bird bombs hit your vehicle, we recommend removing them immediately with a gentle mix of waterless wash (CarPro Echo works great). Always use high grade (minimum of 70/30 blend) microfiber towels and discard after using to remove bugs or bird bombs. Both bird bombs and bugs can etch and cause damage if left on the surface even if only for a few hours.

What is the proper way to wash my ceramic coating?

Follow the two bucket wash method using CarPro Reset as your wash soap. Always rinse thoroughly before washing and after washing. It is required that you always dry the vehicle fully after rinsing. You cannot rinse and leave the vehicle to dry on its own. This will cause irreversible damage from spotting. If you want to clean your vehicle, always commit to a complete two bucket wash and drying. Our personal preference is drying using a cordless leaf blower which will knock off 90% of the water from the surface. Other soaps may contain silicones and waxes that can clog the finish of your vehicle. If we do not have availability for washes and you prefer to wash yourself, visit the CarPro forums at to watch how to videos and further support.

Can I wax my car after a ceramic coating or paint protection film install?

We recommend against using any waxes, sealants, or glazes after your installation. The only sealant that can be used on your coated vehicle is either CarPro Echo2, Reload or Elixir. Any other topper may void your warranty and congest/clog your finish. No polish, abrasives, or glazes can be used without risking damage and voiding your warranty. By using these three safe products, we can ensure that your coating or clear bra will last for years to come without issue.

Will a ceramic coating help resist bird bombs and acid rain water etching?

Yes, a ceramic coating will do a good job resisting both water marks and bird droppings. We do highly recommend avoiding sprinkler systems as they contain a high mineral content that will congest and leave marks that may be quite difficult to remove from every surface of your vehicle, coated or not. Bird droppings can etch and eat through clear coat within minutes, so we do recommend using a quick detailer to remove any droppings as soon as possible. Bug splatter is also extremely harmful to your finish and we recommend removing them whenever possible.

Water repellency has faded over time, is something wrong?

Over time, contaminants can build up and affect the coating. The good news is that a good wash with CarPro Reset on a regular basis will help avoid this issue. Also using Iron-X on a regular basis (monthly or bimonthly) can help avoid this issue. Topping your finish with CarPro Reload or Elixir will help revitalize and return the upper hydrophobic layer to its former glory.

Can I use a pressure washer to clean my car?

While a pressure washer is a good option, we recommend proceeding with extreme caution. A pressure washer can inject water into your paint protection film and begin to cause lifting, injected water bubbles and premature failure. Damage caused by a pressure washer is not covered in your warranty. Using caution, a lower pressure washer (1800psi and lower), and using a wide fan tip will help reduce the likelihood of these issues.

Can I, or should I use a car cover?

We recommend against ever using a car cover in most cases. Car covers generally cause damage to corners of the paint and will act as sand paper if the cover and the car isn’t totally clean and dust free. Car covers can and will cause swirling and marring to your finish that is not covered by warranty.

What products do you recommend I use?

• CAR WASH SOAP – CarPro Reset
• SEALANT/TOPPER – CarPro Reload or Elixir
• WHEEL CLEANER – Tuga Devil
• TIRE DRESSING – Meguiar’s Hyper Dressing
• IRON REMOVER – CarPro Iron-X
• MICROFIBER TOWELS – Anything made by Microfiber Madness

Porsche Paint Correction Detail

Detail it right
The first time

This brand new Porsche Cayman S was delivered to my client in very poor condition. Although the car was “clean” it was not properly detailed.  Being a very rich and deep black, all imperfections are clearly visible and stick out like a sore thumb.  On a beautiful driver’s car like this, a proper and swirl free detail was exactly what the client needed.  Who wants to drive a beautiful piece of art that is covered in swirls and scratches? We scheduled a Stage 4 Detail with no paint coating such as Opti-Coat Pro or Cquartz Finest at my specially equipped detailing studio in Massapequa.

Porsche Cayman Paint Correction detail


Before the paint correction detail, this Porsche was covered in swirls, scratches, and wash-induced marring.  It looked as though the car has seen 50k miles of harsh driving and drive-through car washes.  But this car was black, and black cars are my forte.

Before paint correction by Xclusive Autoworks


As you can see in the picture below, the panel is now swirl free and the clarity has been restored to the finish. Swirls severely hinder gloss and luster and with the removal of the swirls, the vehicles depth has drastically improved.  This Porsche became as glossy as it can get.

After paint correction detail Porsche professional detail by Xclusive Autoworks Porsche detail by Xclusive Autoworks

Thanks for looking through my write up. Interested in getting your treasured car detailed? Call me, Will at Xclusive Autoworks Inc. anytime at 516-965-7289.

Acura TL Paint Correction Cquartz Detail

Most people who see a car in this condition would assume that the paint is gone and cannot be restored.  This client was interested in reconditioning and restoring his black Acura TL A-Spec and he found the right detailer.  We scheduled a full paint correction detail that will then be protected by Cquartz UK.  Before correction I noted all of the areas where the paint would eventually fail.  The entire car was covered in paint failure and chipping that was soon to fail.  This was something the client understood and we went with a thick and cost effective coating to protect the paint for as long as it can last.  In cases like this, it is the detailers responsibility to inform the client of the paint failure that will eventually happen.  But for now, the goal was to make the car look presentable and something the owner can be proud of.


Before paint correction


As you can see, even after extensive paint correction, the hood has blemishes that are actually spots of paint failure. It’s a shame, but overall the appearance has been dramatically improved.

After Detail Long Island


Before paint correction


After Paint Correction


Before Cquartz Detail Long Island




During Detail Long Island

Cquartz Detail Long Island


After Detail Long Island


The paint correction process restored and recondition the surface of the clear coat. In the end I was able to remove around 90% of the defects (not including the failure).  Sadly, nothing could be done about the regions of paint failure.  After topping with Cquartz UK, the surface is protected for up to 2 years where the owner only needs to carefully wash his car. No more waxing or sealing for a long time.  The coating also provides the surface with a very nice level of depth and gloss, unmatched by any other wax.

After Cquartz

After Cquartz

Thanks for looking through my write up. Interested in getting a detail yourself? Call me, Will at Xclusive Autoworks Inc. anytime at 516-965-7289.


Porsche 912 Paint Correction and Opti-Coat


Specialists are far and few.  This particular client contacted me through a referral and was very interested in protecting his new toy.  In terms of durability, ease of maintenance, and reliability, his best choice was Opti-Coat Pro.  During the winter time, Long Island gets covered in road salt which can severely damage this classic roadster.  We wanted to protect the new finish and prevent any further damage as this Porsche was recently repainted.  Luckily it only required some mild paint correction and detailing prior to opticoat application. We chose to schedule a Stage Three detail with Opti-Coat Pro application.


Paint Correction Long Island Paint Correction Long Island Paint Correction Long Island

It is always good practice to take paint thickness readings across all panels before correction.  Paint correction and buffing removes paint. We want to be safe and make sure we are not removing too much paint and jeopardizing the integrity of the paint.  In this case, we have tons of paint to work with as this was recently resprayed generously.
Paint Correction Long Island

PAINT CORRECTIONPorsche Opticoat Detail (10) Paint Correction Long Island


Preparation is key with Opti-Coat Pro applications.  After the paint correction process the car is carefully hand washed and dried to remove any polishing dust and residue. To remove any oils left behind, by my hands or the polishes, I then prep the entire vehicle with a strong alcohol solution. After carefully inspecting the paint for any other imperfections or blemishes, we are ready for the application process.

Long Island Opti-Coat Pro


Long Island Opti-Coat Pro Long Island Opti-Coat Pro Detailing Long Island Detailing Long Island Detailing Long Island

Interested in getting the same luxurious detail and protection as this client had? Learn more about our Stage Three Detail and Opti-Coat here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this detailing write up as much as I enjoyed actually detailing!  After a long days work I managed to restore the luster on this 1967 Porsche 912 and protect it from further damage using Opti-Coat Pro. Any questions or concerns about the Long Island Detailer, Xclusive Autoworks, call any time at (516) 965-7289!


Tesla Model S Opti-Coat Detail


Client was interested in starting off his new car ownership on the right foot.  He wanted the best paint protection with the easiest maintenance.  Providing a 5 year warranty, an Opti-Coat Pro detail was the best choice for him.  Tesla’s are notorious for having extremely thin paint which can lead to premature failure especially with Long Island’s damaging winters.  Opti-Coat Pro is the only paint coating that can provide the protection to ensure his paint will not fail and protect his investment.

The detail began with a mild paint correction requiring only a few hours of intensive polishing to remove any defects from the surface. As Opti-Coat is permanent, we need to make sure the surface is as flawless as possible. We will not be able to go back and remove any scratches after the application. While detailing I use a combination of high power LED lights and strong halogen lights to expose all swirls and defects in the paint.
No swirls after paint correction detail

Time was limited for me and I was pressed to finish the detail within in a full day so I only took a few pictures after the Opti-Coat Pro application.  The below vehicle was coated from head to toe. The facings of the wheels, all paint, and all of the trim was protected. The glass we will be detailed and coated at a later point. With a windshield coating, my client will have no issues navigating the Long Island expressway during a severe thunderstorm. The water simply beeds up and slides off.
Tesla Model S Opticoat detail Tesla Model S Opticoat detail

Paint is my speciality

Tesla Model S Opticoat detail Tesla Model S Opticoat detail Tesla Model S Opticoat detail Tesla Model S Opticoat detail Tesla Model S Opticoat wheels detail Tesla Model S Opticoat detail


Thank you for looking and hope you enjoyed reading about my details as much as I enjoy performing them!  If you are interested in getting an Opti-Coat Pro detail you can feel free to call anytime at (516) 965-7289. I proudly serve all of Long Island, New York!


New Audi S5 Gets Opti-Coat on Long Island


Opti-Coat, Best Way To Protect Your New Car

And this owner knows all about the benefits of Opti-Coat Pro.  After buying his new Audi S5, the owner wanted a perfectly clean and easy car to take care of.  Opti-Coat was the clear choice for this owner.  We immediately booked an appointment to prevent any further damage prior to application.

While prepping the Audi for Opti-Coat, I always start with the deironizing and degreasing the wheels.  The red spots you see below are areas reacting with heavy iron particles embedded in the wheel.  This particular process is the best method of cleaning wheels on high performance cars such as this Audi S5.  High performance break pads contain a large amount of iron which causes very dirty wheels, very quickly.  And we wanted the wheels to be flawless prior to Opti-Coating them.  Oh and yes, you can Opti-Coat wheels.
Audi S5 Opti-Coat Before

After prepping the wheels I moved onto the paintwork. The entire car received a 2 bucket method wash, deironized with Iron-X, then gently clayed to remove all embedded contaminants. On Long Island, contaminants are common and come in all forms. Such as heavy rail dust for those living near the Long Island Rail Road and strong sap for those living near or under trees.  After completing these processes, the car is completely bare and ready to be lightly polished and prepped for Opti-Coat.
Audi S5 Opti-Coat Before

After prepping the entire exterior, I went on to polish all of the paintwork to remove any defects and scratches. In this case the process was quick and simple. After prepping, the entire car got one more hand wash then wiped down with an alcohol solution to remove any oils left behind. Now we are ready to apply the permanent coating.
Audi S5 Opti-Coat Ceramic Coating Audi S5 Opti-Coat Long Island Audi S5 After Paint Correction

All painted surfaces are coating and permanently protected. In this particular detail we coated all exterior paintwork, the wheels, and even the door jambs.  This will make washing and maintenance unbelievably easy.  The wheels will stay clean through the harsh Long Island winters and the door jambs won’t build up excessive amounts of grime and dirt.Audi S5 After Paint Correction Audi S5 After Paint Correction Audi S5 Opti-Coat Gloss Audi S5 Opti-Coat Wheels Audi S5 Opti-Coat Gloss Audi S5 Opti-Coat Gloss


Tesla Model S Opti-Coat Pro Detail


For these two Tesla Model S’, Opti-Coat Pro was the only choice.  Tesla’s are notorious for having extremely thin clear coats which, over time, wear down.  For a car that many buyers plan on keeping for years to come, that is a major problem.  Opti-Coat Pro provides a protective layer 2 microns thick. That’s about 100x thicker than any wax or sealant on the market.  With Long Island’s harsh winters ahead, the owner wanted to protect his investments.  Both cars, white and silver, got the same treatment.  A full service detail, paint correction, and Opti-Coat Pro application.

I started with the Silver Model S. First I pre-rinsed and decontaminated with Iron-X to remove all embedded particles.  Then I washed with the 2 bucket method and then finally began the claying process.  These precautions were taken to make sure nothing was left in the paint before beginning correction.

Tesla Opti-Coat Clay

The red substance you see is the Iron-X dissolving iron particles embedded in the wheels.

Tesla Sonax Wheel

I was pressed for some on both cars so I took very little before photos. The first photo is an after shot of the black trim surrounding the panoramic roof.
Tesla Paint Correction Tesla Paint Correction Long Island Tesla Paint Correction Long Island

After I made sure that every single panel was flawless. I can finally begin the coating process. Opti-Coat Pro is permanent and very durable. Preparation steps are very important. We do not want to permanently seal in scratches, scuffs, or swirls.

Tesla Opti-Coat Long Island

After Opti-Coat Pro had been applied and cured, I went around the vehicle and dressed all trim and rubber surfaces. The dressing used for this application was waterproof and will provide a nice sheen on all plastic and rubber surfaces for weeks to come.
Tesla Opti-Coat Pro After Tesla Opti-Coat Pro After Tesla Opti-Coat Pro AfterAfter completing the Silver Tesla Model S, I went home and got prepared to tackle the white one.  Processes were pretty much the same across both vehicles. Rinse, decontaminate with Iron-X, hand wash, clay bar, then paint correction.

White Tesla Paint Correction White Tesla Paint Correction White Tesla Paint Correction

On both Tesla’s, I applied Opti-Coat Pro to the wheels. This really helps with the maintenance. Brake dust comes off much more easily and it can save a lot of time from scrubbing and rubbing against the wheels surface.Opti-Coat Tesla Wheels After Opti-Coat White Tesla After Opti-Coat White Tesla After detailing white tesla


Without a doubt, Opti-Coat Pro is the best coating available for Tesla’s. It will provide a full protective layer sealing in the already thin clear coat.  These two vehicles are prepared to take on the weather of Long Island.  To schedule your Opti-Coat Pro appointment or simply to ask questions about the coating, feel free to call Xclusive Autoworks at (516) 965-7289

Full detail long island

Paint Correction Detail on a Built Evo


And this built Mitsubishi Evolution deserved the best.  The client wanted the car to look as best as possible at an upcoming car show.  The glossiest of the glossy. And what the client wants, the client gets.   We schedule a full paint correction detail and I immediately got to work.

Before starting the paint correction process the car was full washed, clayed, deironized, then taped off to protect the trim from being damaged during the process. Here we see the hood of the vehicle before starting correction.

Paint correction detail long island

I knew this was going to be a long process and the hood took about an hour of carefully correcting and working around the edges and trim. Below is after two stages of paint correction on the hood.

Paint correction detail long island after

The doors and fenders were in even worse shape than the hood. As shown below, the swirls diffused most of the light and drastically took away from the potential gloss.  We wanted maximum gloss, so the swirls must be rPaint correction detail long island before Paint correction detail long island before Paint correction detail long island before

Paint correction detail long island before

Below is the before picture of the front fender.  The deep blue color is dulled and the swirls are both distracting and unpleasant to look at.  But no worries, I am a professional at correcting these problems.
Paint correction detail long island before

And below you see the potential of the vehicle at its finest.  Fully corrected and detailed the right way.  Swirls removed and luster has been restored.

Paint correction detail long island after

Paint correction detail long island afterHere are some pictures after finishing the full detail and correction.  These pictures are taken prior to applying any coating or wax. No Photoshop,’ smoke & mirrors’, or filler waxes used here. What you see is what you get.

Full detail long island

Full detail long island

Full detail long island

Full detail long island

Full detail long island

Another successful detail by Xclusive Autoworks.  The luster had been restored to this built Evo through extensive paint correction and a lot of effort on my part.

Interested in having your car detailed to perfection? Feel free to call Xclusive Autoworks at (516) 965-7289

Swirl free

Subaru WRX Paint Correction Detail

PERFECTION isn’t easy

But neither is true detailing.  As a professional detailer serving Long Island, NY, my goal is to provide the best possible services to my clients.  My goal is perfection and I settle for nothing less.  This particular client bought the vehicle in this condition and didn’t contribute to the heavy scratching and swirling.  The goal was to establish a flawless finish so that the owner can appreciate the “new car” feeling.  I thrive off a challenge and I knew that correcting this particular WRX was going to be difficult.

Here is a quick example of the heavy swirling and scratching on the door panel.

Before Paint Correction 2

And here is the fully corrected door panel. This took quite a few heavy passes and some finishing passes in order to remove all of the deep scratches and swirling.

After correction 1

The front door panel was in even worse condition. Look at how much of the gloss and reflection is diffused through the swirling.

Before correctionThe finished product is an intensely glossy and reflective surface.

After correction door

No stones (or panels in this case) are left unturned.  This is the upper pillar between the windows and the roof. Many detailers are scared of this area. The paint is generally very thin and caution has to be taken to not burn through the paint. Also the surface is generally very small (3-2 inches) and smaller tools and pads are required to not burn the trim.

After detail

Before detailing

I am not scared of this region and have plenty of experience working with thin paint in tight areas.  It took quite a bit of effort and time to properly fix this region but it was a major success. All of the swirling was removes and left behind a fantastic finish.

After detailing


To give you a better example of what a real detailer is capable of look at this before and after.  Only the best detailing from Xclusive Autoworks.Before and after detail long island

Swirls before detailing

No swirls after detailing

No swirls after detailing wrx

Sadly the headlights are fading from the inside and need to be removed at a later point. The exterior of the headlights were wetsanded, buffed, and sealed.  But there is a leak from the inside causing internal oxidation.  This can only be repaired by removing, sanding, and sealing the headlights all over again.  This was saved for a later time.

Paint correction Long Island

Paint correction Long Island

Paint correction Long Island

All exterior surfaces were sealed with a long term polymer sealant which will outlast any conventional wax or over the counter products.  Generally giving the client about 3-6 months of water and UV protection.

Paint correction Long Island

Swirl free

Interested in having your car detailed? Give me a call any time at(516) 965-7289

Long Island Paint Correction After

Audi S5 Paint Correction Detail

Long Island Detailers are a dime a dozen…

This particular client was looking for someone who was different and had an eye for perfection.  He found the right man for the job.  The car was recently purchased as a certified pre-owned through an Audi dealership.  Dealerships are notorious for giving the “quick detailing special.” They glazed the entire vehicle before selling which essentially hid all of the scratches, swirls, and deep sanding marks.  It looks as though they had tried to remove all of the deep scratches by filling them and sanding only to then fail and gave up.  There were plenty of sanding marks and scratches all over.  We scheduled an appointment to get as close to 100% correction as possible. There were some limitations with deep damage on both bumpers but I was prepared to do my best.

This was the general condition of the paint.  This Audi S5 was definitely not looking it’s best.

Long Island Detailing Before Audi S5 Detail BeforeAudi S5 Detail Before

Got to work immediately by pre-treating the entire car in a deironizer which will decontaminate the surface and dissolve all iron particles.  This process is crucial prior to paint correction as it ensures the surface is completely clean, sterile, and free from particles that can scratch while buffing.  The wheels also received similar treatment which broke down the difficult-to-clean german brake dust.

Long Island Detailing During

After washing, degreasing, and decontaminating the car, I began to prep for paint correction and went to work.  This particular Audi was blessed to have the new ceramic clear coat which is a real pain to correct but I managed to get very reasonable results. Much better than how the dealership left him. Sorry for the lack of photographs but it was difficult to get the full 50/50 on camera.

Audi S5 Detail Long Island During Audi S5 Detail Long Island During Audi S5 Detail Long Island During Wet Sand Detail Long Island Audi S5 Detail Long Island Audi S5 Detail Long Island Audi S5 Detail Long Island Audi S5 Detail Audi S5 Detail Long Island Paint Correction After Long Island Paint Correction After Long Island Paint Correction After Long Island Paint Correction After

In the end this was a very successful detail and the client was pleased with the results.  He can finally enjoy hes new car and start fresh.  He shopped around for the right detailer only to find me, someone who is very particular about every fine little detail.  He came to the right man and his new Audi could not look any better.

Xclusive Autoworks
Long Island Detailing
(516) 965-7289