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Xclusive Autoworks provides only the most meticulous detailing services on Long Island.  To match our high standards in the auto detailing industry, we now proudly offer premium window tinting.  There are plenty of tinting shops on Long Island, especially Nassau County, but few can match the standards of a professional detailer.  Every line needs to be perfect, every cut clean, and every bubble removed.  Like our paint coating installations, all of our window tinting installs come with a lifetime warranty against premature aging, peeling, cracking, and fading from the manufacturer.

Why should you ceramic window tint your car?

Window tinting films help protect your vehicle from harmful radiation.  Over time, both heat radiation and UV rays degrade your vehicle’s interior causing premature aging, hardening, and cracking of vinyl and leather.  High quality tint films help prevent harmful UV radiation by reducing the amount that can pass through into your interior.  This also then contributes to reducing glare and allowing the driver to safely see other cars, or people, on the road. And let’s be honest, on some cars, the contrast in tint looks too good to deny.

Ceramic automotive window tint offers several benefits over your traditional film tints:

  1. High heat rejection: Ceramic tint can block a significant amount of infrared radiation, which is responsible for heat inside a vehicle. This can make the interior of a car much cooler and more comfortable on hot days.
  2. High UV protection: Ceramic tint also blocks UV rays, which can cause skin damage and fade the interior of a car over time.
  3. Optical Clarity: Ceramic tint is not as dark as traditional film tints, so it does not significantly reduce visibility while driving.
  4. Strong Durability: Ceramic tint is more resistant to fading, cracking, and peeling than traditional film tints.
  5. Non-metalized: Ceramic tint does not contain metal, so it does not interfere with electronic devices such as cell phones, GPS, and radio signals.
  6. Lifetime warranty: Our ceramic and carbon window tint always comes with a manufacture lifetime warranty. Be confident your film will look the same after 10 years as it did on day 1.

Overall, ceramic automotive window tint provides superior heat rejection, UV protection, clarity, durability and non-interference with electronic devices compared to traditional film tints.

What is covered in your ceramic window tint warranty?

All of our window tint installations are warrantied to protect our clients against the following:

  • Premature aging such as cracking
  • Excessive change of color
  • Tint delamination

We offer a few different types of window tint to cover your vehicle’s needs Our films are supplied from both Stek Automotive and Geoshield USA. Both films carry lifetime manufacturer warranties. Unmatched quality is our number one goal at Xclusive Autoworks and all of our window tint installations come with a lifetime guarantee. 

Safety is another goal when applying and installation tint.  All installations are carefully laid out and planned.  We do not offer any types of installations that we would consider dangerous to your or other drivers on the road. Some tinting can only be applied to show cars (off road use only) and we recommend you look into your local DOT and State laws prior to having window tint applied to your car.  We are not responsible for any damages, accidents, tickets, or fines caused directly or indirectly by your window tint.

Window Tint Removal

Removing automotive tint is a nasty process and sometimes extremely difficult. We do not recommend doing this yourself without prior experience. Many installers use low grade films that degrade, turn purple, and bubble. These films also use horrible low quality adhesives that leave a mess on your window. We provide high quality window tint removal at an affordable cost to our customers to ease up your stress. Call Xclusive Autoworks Inc. today to remove your unsightly tint.

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The types of window tint we offer


Two Fronts starting at $185

Full car starting at $425


Two Fronts starting at $245

Full car starting at $625

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