Paint Protection for your new Tesla

Unique protection options to keep your Model 3, Model Y, Model X, or Model S looking new for years.

Environmental damage, rock chips, road debris, UV rays, acid rain, sand and salt are all causes of accelerated wear and tear on your vehicle. Your brand new vehicle doesn’t have to age as you enjoy it.

Xclusive autoworks detail Tesla Model 3


Clear Bra paint protection film is a urethane-based protective covering that is totally transparent, non-yellowing, and can be applied to nearly every surface on the exterior of your vehicle. Here are some of the benefits of clear bra Paint Protection Film.

  • Resists chemical etching/stains
  • Defends from rock chips
  • Self heals against small scratches
  • Prevents aging and oxidation
  • Helps reduce depreciation
  • Can carry upwards of a 10 year warranty


Ceramic coatings are clear polymers based off of silicon dioxide that will chemically bond to the exterior surfaces of your vehicle. Here are some of the benefits of ceramic coating..

  • Ultra hydrophobic finish keeps your car cleaner
  • Less time wasted during washing
  • Helps reduce chemical etching
  • Helps reduce premature aging
  • Options from 1-10 year durability
No seam PPF on a Tesla Trunk

How much does it cost to install Paint Protection Film?

For paint protection film on your Tesla, pricing can range from somewhere around $1200 to $6000 and up.  It is not totally necessary to wrap every single panel of your car in film but you do want to focus your budget on protecting the highest impacted panels. The total cost of installation will change based off preparation. To learn more about pricing out paint protection film, read our article here.

Satin or matte paint protection film

matte clear bra

Choosing stealth over a gloss finish is an extremely common choice with car enthusiasts who want to add a unique finish to their vehicle without losing the factory color and finish of their vehicle. This film has the same protective qualities, thickness, and performance of a gloss clear bra. The installation technique and process is also extremely similar although we prefer to do a more thorough disassembly to provide a seamless look without glossy areas showing through trim. As you can see on this Tesla we removed all the trim to hide the edges of the Stek DynoMATT film. Learn more about our satin/matte film options.

Other Tesla Protection Options

Interior Acrylic Coating

Protect your white leather interior from staining and make it easier to clean your interior. Our unique anti-microbial interior acrylic coating will make your life easier

Black-out Trim

Looking for a unique upgrade to your exterior? Our black out trim packages for your Tesla will make your vehicle stand out with a modern aesthetic.

Interior Self Healing Film

Sick and tired of scratches and finger prints on your Tesla’s center console? We offer custom made self healing protection for your interior. Available in Satin Finish or High Gloss Finish.

“Will did a great job on my Tesla Model S85D. I brought the car to Xclusive Autoworks directly from delivery at Tesla Syosset. He really enhanced the beauty of the car. Many people have commented favorably on the quality of the work he did for me.” -J. Byrne

“Will and his team at Xclusive Autoworks are top notch professionals. Will takes great pride in his work and you can see that this is something he’s passionate about. He did an excellent job on my Tesla (paint correction and ceramic coating) and it has still held more than 2 years later!” -D. Sunny

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