Stealth Paint Protection Film

Satin/Matte/Stealth finish paint protection

matte clear bra

If you’re in the market to add paint protection to your vehicle but on the edge with getting a vinyl wrap then this is the solution. Matte or satin finish paint protection film is just as thick and protective as the high gloss finishes and will add a unique stealth look to your car or truck.

Satin Matte Tesla Xpel

Choosing stealth over a gloss finish is an extremely common choice with car enthusiasts who want to add a unique finish to their vehicle without losing the factory color and finish of their vehicle. This film has the same protective qualities, thickness, and performance of a gloss clear bra. The installation technique and process is also extremely similar although we prefer to do a more thorough disassembly to provide a seamless look without glossy areas showing through trim. As you can see on this Tesla we removed all the trim to hide the edges of the Stek DynoMATT film.

Satin white Tesla Model Y

Satin film can come in handy when you’re looking to protect factory satin finishes such as a matte finish Mercedes or even matte hoods on a Camaro and Dodge Challenger/Charger. This is the ideal protection for those types of sensitive surfaces.

Dodge Demon with CQuartz pro ceramic coating

If you’re in the market for paint protection film on your vehicle, do not forget to ask about custom finishes such as a Stealth wrap!

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