Winter Wash Bundles for 2022-2023

Specifically designed for previous ceramic coating and paint protection customers

Each Package Includes:

  • Exterior two bucket wash
  • Rims degreased/deironized
  • Glass shined inside and outside
  • Tires shined with matte or semi-gloss dressing (non-silicone, no sling)
  • Vehicle dried with warmed air and microfiber finishing towels

Something like this on a ceramic coated car can be completed in roughly 30-45 minutes. At the time of scheduling your wash, we can discuss adding interiors or more extensive decontamination to the service.

Using this structure, the package would be $300 for 6 washes for sedans, $345 for SUV/trucks. This is 50% off our normal retail rate for 2022.

Package will be prepaid online as a gift card and mailed out to your mailing address to be brought in for every appointment. If you want to pick up the package in person, you are more than welcome to come to the shop and take your copy. Be sure to provide the correct billing and mailing address on checkout to avoid any complications with delivery.

There are two packages to choose from based on the size of your vehicle